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Awa Favour Crowned as Nigeria's Most Beautiful Girl 2023, the 3rd Queen


Awa Favour Crowned as Nigeria's Most Beautiful Girl 2023, the 3rd Queen

Lagos, Nigeria - In a spectacular event held at the prestigious Bluemoon Event Center, Victoria Island, Lagos, Awa Favour, a proud native of Anambra State, emerged victorious as the 3rd Queen in the 'Nigeria Most Beautiful Girl Pageant' held on the 22nd of October.

Awa Favour, an advocate for girlchild education, and a passionate ambassador for the less privileged, now wears the crown of 'Nigeria's Most Beautiful Girl 2023.' Her reign will be dedicated to promoting girlchild education and raising awareness for the welfare of widows and the underprivileged in society.

The organizers of the pageant, Swift Nigeria, expressed their commitment to empowering the girlchild in Nigeria and providing essential educational support through Awa Favour's role as the reigning queen. They emphasized the importance of collaboration with existing girlchild organizations and NGOs, working together to organize seminars and gatherings aimed at motivating children and youth to believe in themselves and their parents.

Access to information was highlighted as a crucial aspect, and the queen, HRM Queen Awa Favour, pledged to leverage social media and educational workshops to increase awareness. The campaign's core message is that educating one girlchild can enlighten an entire nation, emphasizing the significance of individual efforts in the collective goal of ensuring all girls receive an education.

In her concluding remarks, Queen Awa Favour reinforced the idea that "leaders are made, history is made, but efforts must be made." She expressed her gratitude and hope for her reign, blessing the 'Nigeria Most Beautiful Girl Organization' and, by extension, Nigeria as a whole.

It is a moment of pride as Awa Favour ascends to her role as 'Nigeria's Most Beautiful Girl 2023,' promising to bring a positive change to the lives of the girlchild and underserved communities, continuing the legacy of the pageantry's mission to empower and educate.

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