World Cup: Cristiano Ronaldo told to accept new role in Portugal’s team

 After Portugal's 6-1 victory over Switzerland in the World Cup quarterfinals on Tuesday, former Juventus forward Daniele Adani advised Cristiano Ronaldo to be comfortable with a supporting role.

For the first time since 2006, Portugal went to the World Cup quarterfinals thanks to a ruthless performance in which Goncalo Ramos scored three goals while Cristiano Ronaldo was substituted.

Recall that Ramos replaced Ronaldo in the starting lineup for Portugal under head coach Fernando Santos.

Midway through the second half, the former Manchester United forward finally entered the contest.

During the game, the 37-year-old scored once, but it was called offside.

The World Cup, asserted Adani, a former Italy international, later, doesn't wait for anyone, not even Ronaldo, who he thinks should fill in for Portugal's national squad.

In an interview with Rai Sport, Adani stated: "The World Cup is the most significant football competition, and it does not wait for anyone, not even Cristiano Ronaldo.

If Ronaldo can no longer play for the entire game at a certain level, he can still be useful in the final 20 minutes if he has the right attitude.


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