TVYARD MEDIA LTD, enters a Partnership with JHELP CONCEPTS COMPANY LTD. to produce the first Unique Acting Reality TV show in Nigeria.

 Under the direction of Okoroafor Chukwuemeka, also known as Amb. Chuks Chyke, TVYARD MEDIA LTD is the sole owner of the reality television program The Acting Challenge (a Nollywood Actor, Producer & writer). 

In the Acting Challenge Reality Show, actors compete against one another in order to win the "ultimate financial prize" and advance to the next level of stardom on international screens. 

The goal of this amusing, fascinating show is to develop the next generation of exportable actors financially and technically. The goal of this groundbreaking project, which is the first of its type in Nollywood and Africa, is to develop the next generation of highly sought-after Nollywood talent that can be exported from Africa to the rest of the globe.

For the housemates, it will be a compelling drama and action reality show. The viewers who vote for their favorite housemates to stay in the program want the competitors to work hard to be their choice in order to prevent getting kicked out of the theater home. 

Send your full name, phone number, and photo to 08126456380 to register. 

Registration is about to end!

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