Nigeria can follow in the footsteps of Rishi Sunak and Emmanuel Macron by electing a young leader like Prof. Imumolen, a candidate for the Accord.

By electing a president of youth extraction in the general elections scheduled for next year, Nigeria can join the current global trend in which a younger generation is assuming control of government in numerous nations.

Rishi Sunak, 42, was recently elected as the Prime Minister of Britain, exactly five years after France did the same by electing Emmanuel Macron as president. This development has bolstered the growing notion that youth is the way to go in a world that is rapidly displacing the status quo.

The recent developments in Britain and France, according to presidential candidate Professor Christopher Imumolen, a young man running for Nigeria's highest office in the upcoming elections, are a better indication of the direction the world is currently heading. He claims that this only furthers his position on the issue.

People who have heard me speak nonstop about the advantages of electing a young person to lead Nigeria have frequently questioned why I have been so fervent, Professor Imumolen said on Tuesday.

But the reality is that this nation needs a new crop of energetic young leaders who are willing to sacrifice everything for the good of the whole.

The election of Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister of Britain sends an important message to nations around the world, especially Nigeria, that the time for relegating youth to the margins of society has passed.

"I don't understand why we should be any different if nations like France, where Emmanuel Macron has been president since 2017, and Britain, with all of their experience and technological know-how, can entrust the affairs of their nations in the hands of young, upwardly mobile professionals.

For those who don't know, Macron was elected president at the same age as I was—39—and became the first French leader to serve a second term in office in 20 years in April of this year.

"Rishi Sunak, how is he doing? He is only 42 years old and the country's first person of color to hold the position of prime minister. These instances ably support my persistent beliefs that we must emulate young people in order to make a welcome change from our country's troubled history of underachievement.

Therefore, I'd like to take this chance to ask Nigerians to vote for me once more because I'm a young person who is eager to change the status quo and bring them the true benefits of democracy. I'm also a young person who is mentally sound, healthy, and prepared to do so.

"As 2023 draws near, I want them to look over my profile and decide. Let's use the British and French models. Choose to assist youth. He continued, "Let's elect Professor Christopher Imumolen as the new leader of Nigeria."


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