Meet Aisha Tisha Mohammed, a star of Nollywood who went from modeling to the big screen

 Meet Aisha Tisha Mohammed, a star of Nollywood who went from modeling to the big screen

No one needs to introduce her. She is somewhat of a screen sensation because Nollywood, the film industry in Nigeria, rose to prominence through tenacity and hard work.

Aisha Tisha Mohammed is who she is. She is a movie producer and director who was raised in Nigeria's Benue State but was born in Nasarawa State.

She is multilingual and fluent in Tiv, Hausa, and English. She graduated from Nasarawa State University, Keffi, with a bachelor's degree in sociology.

She is a model and beauty queen who, in 2007, defied the odds to become the deserving "Face of Nasarawa," giving her the chance to represent her state at the Miss Tourism Nigeria pageant in 2008. She placed in the Top 10 there, capping a pleasant outing with the title of "Best swimsuit."

Not only that, though. She won the title of Miss NYSC Taraba in 2013 and later competed in Miss Nigeria 2013, placing in the Top 10.

She went back to the movie set, having appeared in a soap opera in 2012 before taking a break to further her academics, but that was her last love affair with beauty pageantry.

Since she was a young child, she had a burning passion for entertainment. The desire grew as she expanded. She gave her full participation in the school play and dance. Despite many obstacles, she still loved entertainment art.

She has appeared in several films between 2012 and the present, such as Let Karma, My name is Kadi, Colors of deceit, The Wedding, Believer, The Pendulum, The Rishantes 2, Almost Perfect, Personal Revenge, Bittersweet, A deadman's souvenir, and many more. a location known as regret and sincerity

She likes to read and travel in her free time. In the nine years that she has worked in the field, she has remained the model of consistency.

She runs the lingerie line Tish Milli and is presently engaged in a project to raise awareness of cervical cancer.

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