Leave Aisha Buhari In Peace

 It's commonly believed that every successful man has a woman by his side. Some people make the case that most unsuccessful men also have women in their lives. The statement's true meaning is that having a lousy wife makes it difficult for any man to achieve. The wife of President Buhari has been the focus of social and traditional media due to purported acts she may have taken in connection with the detention and arrest of Aminu Mohammed, a young student.

First of all, Aisha Buhari is a good wife, or else her husband would not have achieved success in his personal life, it must be noted. That his administration has failed is an entirely different issue. It is obvious that the President's wife's political views have no bearing on him, so she cannot be held accountable for the administration's shortcomings. President Buhari once asserted that he married Aisha for her skills in "the kitchen and the other room!," not her intelligence or political acumen. ”. Aminu Mohammed, a student at the Federal University of Dutse (FUD), earned Aisha's fury after he tweeted a picture of her escalating weight along with the statement that she had been fattening herself on the money of the underprivileged.

More than the tweet itself, the President's wife's response damaged her reputation. She has gained weight without a doubt, but Mohammed's justification for it was rude. Women gain weight for a variety of causes, including physical conditions, psychological stress related to how their lives are going (binge eating), and pure gluttony. The writer made the decision to blame her weight gain on gluttony without any supporting data.

This would be incredibly unjust to the President's wife if she did, in fact, have a medical condition. The issue is that Nigerian presidents and their wives rarely let the public know about their actual medical conditions. In one notable instance, it was later learned that a "First Lady" died while receiving totally pointless but vanity-driven cosmetic surgery abroad. A number of authors have gone to great pains to bolster the student's claim by bringing up the absurdly high budget for lodging and entertainment at the Presidential Villa. A new kitchen will be built with N40.5 million from the 2023 budget, and food and refreshments will cost N509 million. These sums more accurately represent the leaders of Nigeria's callousness for the misery of their people than their gluttony. Nobody thinks for a second that all that money would be used to purchase food! As word of Mohammed's detention surfaced, images of Aisha Buhari from 2015 and 2022 quickly gained popularity on social media. She has gained weight, which is beyond debate. It should come as no surprise that she would take offense to comments about her appearance given that she works as a beautician. She has a right to feel offended, but she has no right to demand her critics be arrested. In fact, the upshot of her error in judgment is that everyone is now concentrating on her increased weight and guessing as to why. She unintentionally gave the public the go-ahead to make unnecessary insults against her.

Mohammed's writing was callous, unnecessary, and ignorant, but Nigeria's security agencies have once again disgraced themselves and demonstrated that they are not concerned in serving the interests of justice but rather that of whoever is in authority, however unlawfully. Particularly the Department of State Services (DSS) appears to have lost its direction. They appear to find it more simpler to apprehend and imprison government critics than terrorists, robbers, or separatists even though security is deteriorating everyday. There was very little likelihood that the student would have been found guilty of the allegations in the case itself, which has since been dismissed because Mohammed "apologised". However, if he had, it would have been been another in Nigeria's long history of judicial farces. The youngster was punished for doing nothing wrong, and the president's wife evidently felt satisfied enough to drop the issue.

The reason behind the wives of Nigerian officials' actions is a mystery. The wives of everyone from local government chairmen to governors and the president feel as though they have a formal function to fulfill. Simply said, this is untrue. The position of "First Lady" is not legal and just serves to highlight the egotism of those involved. Tyrants frequently utilize gorgeous spouses to mask the unpleasant perceptions of their abuse of power, as was noted in the book "The dictator's wife." The truth is that the security guards who accused the student of defamation acted improperly at all times. The most tragic aspect of this situation is that Aisha Buhari was one of the most well-liked and well-known first ladies. In addition to her attractiveness, she won over Nigerians' hearts by never limiting herself to criticizing her husband's administration and expressing regret over undesirable events. She lost support, though, when extravagant excess became her signature. It is undeniable that criticizing a woman's appearance is the easiest method to irritate her. This is what took place. Aisha Buhari should be given space to reflect on all the admirable things she failed to do to make a difference now that her husband is about to leave power and to criticize herself in peace.


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