ASO Cultural Festival With African Union, ECOSOCC Partners

The ASO Cultural Festival 2022, with the theme "Uniting the City," is a one-day cultural extravaganza intended to highlight Abuja's cultural legacy and tourism worth to the globe because Nigeria's capital city is distinctive and rich in varied cultural and tourist attractions. 

The event will take place on December 16, 2022, at the Bolingo Xperia Hotel in Abuja's Central Business District.

The organization is eager to work with the organizer to host the festival and, in the long run, support the training of young FCT natives in the field of culture and tourism, according to African Union ECOSOCC Hon Quadri-Adu Shakir Kehinde, Head of Culture and Tourism. 

The annual festival will feature a variety of events, such as a cultural competition between schools and other local governments in the FCT, a vibrant cultural parade, a fashion show, a musical performance, an exhibition of arts and crafts, a dance performance, and award presentations. The ASO Cultural Festival will also honor the ASO people, who make up the majority of Abuja's native population, for their rich culture, the crystallization of their creative spirits, and their cultural diversity.

Over 10,000 local and foreign participants, including representatives from the six local governments in the FCT, some participating nations, visitors, volunteers, vendors, exhibitors, photographers, set/costume designers, artisans, students, security personnel, traffic officers, officials of assisting government agencies, and media houses, will attend the festival. There will also be other fantastic events during the festival. 

Bello and Haj are missed by the honorable Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Hon. Mohammed. Along with other notable guests, Dr. Ramatu Tijani Aliyu, Hon. Minister of State for the FCT, will be the Special Guest of Honor.

ASO Multi Media, a famous event management company in Abuja, organizes the most anticipated event with assistance from the African Union and other media outlets as partners

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