2023: Ribadu withdrawing his guber suit brings relief to the Adamawa APC


Malam Nuhu Ribadu, the former head of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), who has been opposing the party's choice for governor, claims he has exhausted his arguments.

Senator Aishatu Ahmed Binani won the party's governorship primary; Nuhu Ribadu came in second. After challenging the primary, the Federal High Court decided that the party did not have a candidate for governor of Adamawa State in the 2023 election.

However, the Court of Appeal reinstated the initial victor last month, prompting Ribadu to declare his intention to appeal to the Supreme Court.

However, Ribadu stated in a letter that he would let the situation go.

In the letter, which hit up tv was able to secure on Tuesday night, Ribadu stated that he had chosen to give up his interest in favor of the party's overall success.

Reiterating that he made the difficult choice for the good of the party, Ribadu urged all of his supporters to back Binani's run for governor.

"I have discussed the next step at several levels with my family, political allies, and party officials. In addition, I have given a lot of thought to my political goals, particularly my desire to become governor of Adamawa.

"My desire to serve my beloved state as my contribution to a more purposeful future for the state" is why I want to become governor of the state. Ribadu said.

We disagree with the judgment, but I have no intention of dragging this out any longer, he claimed, adding that he had initially turned to the court because he had not been able to find an internal remedy for his complaints. However, after the Appeal Court restored the candidate who had been declared the primary winner.


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