2023: Gov. Buni talks tough against violence, hate speech

The governor of Yobe State, Mai Mala Buni, has cautioned political parties in the state against using violence and hate speech during the general election campaigns in 2023.

Buni issued the warning while launching the first phase of the 54-kilometer Ngalda-Mutai road building by the North-East Development Commission in Ngalda town in the Fika Local Government Area.

Additionally, he gave instructions to candidates running for various political positions to focus on issue-based campaigns that would advance harmony and peace in the State.

"Let me take this occasion to urge politicians from all political parties to abstain from using any kind of violence, incitement, or hate speech during their campaigns.

He suggested that we focus on matters that will benefit our beloved State during the campaign.

However, the Governor praised President Buhari for creating the North-East Development Commission (NEDC) and praised the Commission for its work on the road project and other initiatives to raise the standard of living in the State.

He continued, "The building of this road will undoubtedly open up the wealthy agriculturally endowed communities and promote simple movement of people, products, and services to boost greater agricultural, commercial, and economic activities in the beneficiary communities. 


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