Ambassador Rita Chika Ezenwa Set to represent Nigeria as Miss Face of humanity in Canada

 Amb. Rita Chika Ezenwa, also known as Queen Nerita, the current Miss Face of Humanity (MFOH) of Nigeria, will represent the nation at the upcoming Miss Face of Humanity competition in Canada the following year. 

Terence Kings established Miss Face of Humanity in 2017, beginning locally in Toronto, Canada. 

The group has developed through time to give women under 30 a stage on which to support and share their mission, poise, and love for humanity with the globe.Miss Face of Humanity is a forum for women all over the world who believe in humanity's ability to make a difference in the world. The objective is to exhibit and highlight the most remarkable and inspirational women from around the globe who are working to spread love, raise humanity, and inspire people to live in peace and harmony. 

Young women have a platform and endless opportunity to express their voices, purposes, composure, and confidence with the world thanks to it. 

The organization devotes a significant portion of its efforts to preparing its ambassadors so that they are prepared to enhance global diplomacy and world peace.

These women are chosen, trained, developed, and presented on a worldwide platform along with their passions through the organization's national directors and global network of partners. They honor these ladies and encourage them in their endeavors and ideals for a better society. 

During this competition, Amb. Rita Chicks Ezenwa will fly the Nigerian flag on the international stage. She is a young, gorgeous, lively, intelligent, and articulate beauty queen, role model for careers, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. 

She is from the Nigerian state of Abia and graduated from the ISM Adonai University in Cotonou, Republic of Benin, with a degree in economics. 

One beauty queen, Queen Nerita, has remained committed to helping kids, especially the most fortunate members of society. 

Many have referred to her as a sign of hope, with a sweet sense of community and regard for people. Queen Nerita entered the modeling business in 2014 and has steadily advanced in Pageantries, Runways, and Commercial Modeling. She is very assiduous, focused, and goal-oriented. She competed in and won numerous previous pageant titles before being named Miss Face of Humanity Nigeria, including Most Beautiful Girl Abuja in 2016 and Queen of Aso International in 2019. She has also participated in too many runway shows to list, including Runway 3 in Abuja, the Oyami Fashion Show in Benin, and Shushi. She has also done commercial shoots for companies like Elsas, the Michelle brand, and Shushi. She was introduced as the face of one of Nigeria's quickest-growing and most popular perfume brands in 2018; Sapphire Time as well as Sapphire Scent. Queen Nerita is a businesswoman that runs the online store Nerita Luxury, where she manufactures and markets bedding sets, duvets, throw pillows, trinkets, and nightwear. A licensed interior decorator and designer who also offers distinctive interiors for both residential and commercial spaces through her company, Nerita Homes & Interiors. Ambitious, upbeat, and goal-oriented, the fair-skinned beauty queen created Nery Developmental Initiative in April 2022 out of a desire to expand the reach of her humanitarian cause. Her philanthropic endeavors have received attention after she was named the Queen of Aso International in 2019. She has been unwaveringly committed to her goal of removing children from the street and giving them a better purpose for being there over the years. living.  She has started a number of initiatives to care for altruistic children, out-of-school youth, and charitable visits to IDP camps where she and her crew distributed food, clothing, and other necessities. etc. More specifically, she collaborated with NAPTIP to plan a back-to-school effort as well as a Kick-Against-Rape project. The motto of Queen Nerita's campaigning is "Equality for all via education" is her motto. She is inspired by her experiences in life in addition to her God-given qualities. She was raised in a highly unsteady environment. She made the decision to do better and alter her story after realizing the negative aspects of life. She finds a lot of inspiration in this because she strives to become a better version of herself each morning. She intends to utilize the MFOH in Canada as a platform to better herself and fight harder for issues like peace, sustainable development, women's and youth empowerment, and social inclusion for children with disabilities and special needs.

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