King Fajag Emerge The New ABPFEON, President

Thank you all for the election. I promise you, as president I will do my very best to listen and ensure transparency. 

I want to thank the BOT for ensuring a democratic process of transferring leadership to a new executive, and also the Electoral college for delivering a free, fair and transparent conduct of the elections.

For a long time, ABPFEON has experienced some difficulties and challenges in leadership. It has been an issue of who is? What is? and where is? But from this moment we now have a clearer answer to our questions of who, where, and how. I promise it will only get clearer day by day as we will not regret our decisions made today. 

I believe in team work, so I call on the new executives and the entire pageant CEOs to let us come together and find a lasting solution to the giant situations facing our businesses as pageant Organizers.

"ABPFEON was established to promote, project and propagate the values of the industry so that practitioners can have a better life in their chosen profession, as the case maybe."

Our Focus:

πŸ“Œ  Unity and corporations amongst members (Pageant Organizers)

As we would begin a national tour and consultation of industry stake holders, our first task is to foster unity amongst organizers, have a reconciliation drive and enable the association to be on sound footing by renting a functional secretariat in Abuja and encourage all states to do the same.

πŸ“ŒGovernment recognition and protection of our industry:

We would work within our reach and by the help of God to attract the government and powers that be to ensure our industry is recognized and protected by the government and its agencies.

πŸ“Œ Lack of sponsorship and corporate brand affiliations.

We already have in place the machinery to sign contracts with most multinationals, mobilize individual support to provide monetary assistance, electronics, cars and other valuables for our members. 

These would to an extent reduce the burden of fulfilling our promises to our Queens.

πŸ“Œ Lack of corporations between pageant CEOs and their Queens. 

We would bring class and standard into the industry, where the organizers would be feared and respected by their beneficiaries (Queens).

We would be treated as queen makers and nothing less.

πŸ“Œ Members protection: 

You will no longer stand alone as an organizer, but as a body connected to bodies that will always fight together in Unity.

I want to welcome you all to the new CHAPTER AGENDA.

I, the Excos and my team can not achieve these alone without your cooperation and support. Charity begins at home! The change we all desire in the entire industry should begin with our various brands. Let's change our approach and do things right. The show continues and the business mood is activated.

ABPFEON for greatness and the greatness we shall achieve. 

Thank you.

God bless ABPFEON,  God bless Nigeria.

King Fajag

President πŸ™ 

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