King Fajag Emerge The New ABPFEON, President

I want to thank you all for voting. You have my word that I will do everything in my power to ensure transparency and to listen.

I want to applaud the BOT for guaranteeing a democratic process of appointing a new executive, as well as the Electoral College for conducting elections that were free, fair, and transparent.

ABPFEON has had some issues and difficulties with leadership for a while. Who is has been a problem. Which is? where is that? But from this point on, we can more precisely answer the who, where, and how questions we had. We won't regret the choices we made today, so I can assure you that it will only become clearer with time.

Because I believe in the power of working together, I appeal to the new executives and the pageant CEOs as a whole to join me in helping to find a long-term solution to the major problems that face our businesses as pageant organizers.

"ABPFEON was founded to promote, project, and disseminate the industry's ideals so that practitioners can, as the case may be, have a better life in their chosen field."

Our Main Goal

Member cooperation and corporations (Pageant Organizers)

Our first task is to promote unity among organizers, engage in a reconciliation drive, and enable the association to be on a sound footing by renting a functional secretariat in Abuja and encouraging all states to do the same before we start a national tour and consult with industry stakeholder groups.

Government support and safeguards for our sector:

In order to ensure that our industry is acknowledged and safeguarded by the government and its agencies, we would do everything within our power and with God's assistance to attract the authorities.

A lack of corporate sponsorship and brand ties.

We currently have the infrastructure in place to sign contracts with the majority of global companies and mobilize private backing to offer our members financial aid, electronics, vehicles, and other valuables.

These would help to some part lighten the load of keeping our word to our Queens.

There are no businesses between pageant CEOs and their Queens.

We would introduce morality and ethics into the sector, making the organizers someone the beneficiaries dreaded and revered (Queens).

Nothing less than queen makers would be how they would treat us.

Members' safety:

As an organizer, you won't be standing alone anymore; instead, you'll be a body connected to other bodies that will always fight in unity.

Welcome to the new CHAPTER AGENDA, everyone.

Without your help and support, neither I nor the Excos nor my staff can accomplish these goals on our own. Giving starts at home! Our varied brands should be the starting point for the change we all want to see in the overall business. Change our strategy and carry out the task properly. The business-like atmosphere is now active as the show continues.

ABPFEON for the greatness we have and will one day attain.

I'm grateful.

Godspeed to ABPFEON and Godspeed to Nigeria.

Ruler Fajag
The President

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