Hon. Disebe S. B Donga Appointment as Acting President of Pageant Guild of Nigeria Association


Hon. Disebe S. B. Donga is grateful for PGNA BOT's selection as acting president.

He is young, honorable Disebe S. Bala Donga is grateful to the Pageant Guild of Nigeria Association (PGNA) Board of Trustees for appointing him as interim president.

Hon. The Board of Trustees' Chairman, Mr. Diamond Onanikem Kenneth, and Secretary General, Amb., signed a press release announcing Donga's appointment. Ugwu, Frank

Additionally, Nnorom Ruth Chioma was named vice president, C, by the board of trustees. Don Nwankwo is serving as secretary, Zubby Oguafor is acting as assistant secretary, David Nweke is acting treasurer, Ijeoma Nwosu is acting finance secretary, Ajiboye Joseph is acting publicity secretary, Inde Felicity is acting director of welfare, and Adamu Zakari is acting provost.

Hon. In his acceptance speech, Donga pledged to do his best to elevate pageantry in Nigeria to a global level.

I would like to thank the Board of Trustees of the Pageant Guild of Nigeria Association (PGNA) and my fellow promising Nigerian pageant entrepreneurs for their love, support, and endorsement.

As acting Pioneer President of the Nigerian pageant industry for a year, I pledge to use this position to bring everyone back together and promote peace. I am also appreciative to my State Pageant CEOs for their support thus far ".

"We will be completely committed to the BOT and the stakeholders of this magnificent association," he added, "therefore I also wish to urge on our stakeholders to kindly join hands to make this dream a reality."

I'll never forget my lovely wife, Prince Derek, Delvin, and Dean, for providing me the time and space to fill the gap for Nigeria's male and female children.

I also urge on multinational corporations to help us in creating pageantry in Nigeria of the highest caliber. "My doors will be open to all CEOs who require my presidential support and advice to develop his or her brand to the next level," the president said.

I promise my devotion to all pageant CEOs as a servant eager to serve and lead as we work toward improving the Nigerian pageant industry for us all ".

In the next days, I will be appointing our zonal acting coordinators and personal assistants who will work with us to turn our goal into reality. He spoke

The National Pageant Congress will be overseen by the Acting National EXCOS, who will serve for a year.

The Pageants Guild of Nigeria Association was founded to promote peace and togetherness among Nigeria's ethnic groupings as well as to unite and strengthen pageantry events in that country.

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