Call it greed but I’m making more money now that I don’t need to share — Singer Peter Psquare

Whether you want to call it greed or success, I'm making more money now and I don't have to share it. — Singer Peter Psquare

Singer Peter Okoye claims he is currently earning more money than he did with the now-defunct music group P-Square, which he co-founded with his twin brother Paul Okoye.

This was said by Peter, now known as Mr. P, in a recent HipTV interview. He claims he is no longer required to divide his income into three equal portions. He claimed he now appreciates his freedom.

Without a doubt, I am. I don't have to give three different ways. Call it selfishness or greed. You can make your own tea. I don't share with anyone. Yes, my management as well as my group. Fine. But I'm acting independently. I have more freedom.

I'm getting paid more. The key is freedom. I might get a call informing me that my daughter's birthday falls on the same week as a show. Cancel it, I can say. I couldn't do that as a bunch. If I used to share money three ways, I no longer do so.

What is the purpose of my music? The key is to act on my feelings. Even money isn't the issue. But in terms of that, I make more now than I did when I was part of the group," he remarked.

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