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“God punish una mama”: Wizkid comes hard on #soundcity – they reply

Wizkid did not take it easy on Sound City over an unknown event that transpired between both brands. But having had it up to his neck, Wizkid decided to take online and give the television channel/Radio station a piece of him.
This got Wizkid going savage on Sound City. The music icon angrily called out Soundcity on twitter for some offense he didn’t disclose. The starboy who rarely calls people or firms out in public domains shocked his fans with his tweet in which he went savage on Sound City. As it turned out, the voice of Wizkid caused the entire Sound City to tremble.
After Wizkid’s words to Sound City were seen, some sort of war was expected to follow up between the firm and the singer. But the saying that “when the gods sneeze, the rivers and oceans catch a cold” became evident in this case. Rather than clap back at the singer for calling them out on a public zone, Sound City simply folded up in a cowardly manner.
Wizkid tweeted; “Sound City, ee be like say God want punish una mama! Y’all fix up before I go crazy on you guys! You fuckers!” The highly revered firm responded to the callout by tweeting; “Starboy wetin we do na?”