MissNorthEast final come out on social media

My friend just come across this on social media and share for me I can't just keep it for me alone

Good morning to u all
I really never wanted to talk about this but I just have to because of the questions ,side talks and most importantly I was ask to address this once and for all by honorable.
But first of all I just want to make it clear to everybody that I don't have issues with the organizers of MISS ADAMAWA nor their QUEENS
Dou alot has happened from the past few months which includes
1)The organizers don't want to see their Queens with me
2)They don't want their Queens to go to the same event that I was invited
3)There was a time the Queens came to my house and we snap pictures together and I posted it on facebook and immediately they got a call about the picture
4)when they See Me the tell me how proud they are with what I am doing but say different things behind me
5)i was summoned to SSS office for questions and answers about the rally I had on
# SAYNOTODRUGABUSE asking who gave me the permission to do that forgetting that the Police, NDLA and Road safety were also at the rally which simply means we have letter of approval from the commissioner of police and the rest so after seeing the photocopy of latter's the said the are proud of what me and my team did and asked us to go .,but the commissioner of police later find out about the call we got from the SSS and investigated the reason for that but we got to know it has to do with the Organizers of Miss Adamawa and the commissioner and commander of NDLA were ready to take action but to me it was nothing is just a way of keeping me strong so I plead with them to let it be.
After all of this I still respect them and never said anything because I don't see this whole Queen stuff as a competition but a means of helping the less privilege,being the voice of the voiceless and putting a stop to the negative things in our society
That is why u have never seen all the Queens of adamawa working on a project together
The rumour in town is that the organizers of Miss Adamawa are looking for a lady that will do better that MissNorthEast
But trust me who so ever win the crown has my support and I also look forward to working with the person in making adamawa a better place
I believe in unity
But I really want to say thank u to this wonderful set of people that always got my back.
Adamawa Iconic Celebrities Excel Empire TEe Justine Bigdelymo Oladele IB Kings Ibrahim Mshelia Seth Honest Efe Semsiri Richard Paulina Martins Ricardo John Peace Samuel Hyelda Peter Simnawa Hassan Samaki Mercy Bigdelymo Oladele
And to my able Queen Mother Angelyna Kimu Mindapa I love u
# i am writing this with no apology
#i don't have issues with nobody
# MissNorthEastNig

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